Erik Page & Associates, Inc. provides expert technical consulting services in the area of energy efficiency lighting. Areas of expertise include lamps, luminaires, and lighting control systems.


Policy Makers and Regulators
Codes and Standards: Technical support related to the development and/or evaluation of energy efficient lighting codes and standards
Test Procedures: Development of test procedures for new and emerging lighting systems
Market Evaluation: Characterization and benchmarking of existing and emerging lighting technologies for domestic and international markets
Laboratory and Field Testing: Experimental design, coordination and/or implementation of energy efficient lighting laboratory testing or field testing
Program Evaluation: Technical evaluation of utilities energy efficiency programs

Lighting Manufacturers
Product Development: Development and/or refinement of energy-efficient lighting products
Market Analysis: Independent expert evaluation of market opportunities for specific lighting technologies

Research: R & D support on energy efficient lighting research efforts
Technical Support: Technical support and evaluation of energy efficient lighting research projects publications

Financial Institutions and Market Analysts
Market Analysis: Independent expert evaluation of market opportunities for specific lighting technologies


Erik Page & Associates, Inc. is a small consulting firm formed in 2008 to provide clients with technically robust support for various projects related to energy efficient lighting. Since its founding, EP&A has worked independently as well as in partnership with other consulting firms and organizations on dozens of domestic (USA) and international projects.

EP&A founder and President Erik Page is a recognized leader in the field of energy-efficient lighting with broad expertise across many areas including: LEDs, fluorescent and compact fluorescent systems, lighting controls, luminaires, and photometry. Erik spent ten years as a researcher and lab manager in the Lighting Fixtures Laboratory at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory before leaving to help establish the California Lighting Technology Center, where he served as the Director of Engineering for four years. He has authored dozens of publications and holds eleven US Patents.


California Public Utility Commission

Environmental Defense Fund

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

New Buildings Institute

The Wattstopper, Inc.

The World Bank/ International Finance Corporation


California Energy Commission